The Secret To Finding The Best Knife For Hunting


One of the most important thing in your bug out bag is a hunting knife. A hunting knife is a usually a rigid tool that hardly malfunctions at the crucial moment. Though firearm technology has improved, you still the see soldiers and hunters carrying a knife. This speaks of the importance of a knife. A hunting knife is an essential tool for hunters. A first time shopper will definitely be confused in choosing the right knife due to the availability of an overwhelming number of options. Reading an experienced hunter’s hunting experiences like in this article can help you get more ideas on finding the right hunting tools. In this article, finding the right hunting knife will be the prime objective.

You can choose the best knife only by understanding your hunting needs. You should ask yourself what type of game you are going to hunt and the types of jobs you expect your knife to aid you in. You can choose the right size of knife depending on the type and size of the game. Some people will feel that having a bigger size knife is always a better choice. But the fact is that bigger size knife is sometimes a waste of money and space in your bag if you are going to hunt small animals like a rabbit. Moreover, carrying big knives unnecessary can make your hunting experience more tiring.

Think about how long and frequently you indulge in hunting. The answer to this question could help you in shortlisting your options. You will not need a high-end, expensive knife if you are hobby hunter and hunt only once in a blue moon. If you are a serious hunter, then you will need a high-quality one that can last long and stay sharp and strong for every trip.

Fixed and folding blades are the two types of knives available in the market. As the name suggests, fixed blade knives have a fixed blade that is rigid and cannot be moved or folded. These types of knives are very sturdy and reliable, because they have simple yet rigid construction. On the other hand, folding knives are those with foldable blades. Folding blades are easy to store as their blades can be folded. Folding blade knife may have more than one type of blade to offer great level versatility.

Some knives are made for hunting while some are made for surviving. You should be sure of the purpose you are buying the knife for. Hunting knife blades can be categorized into three types – clip point, drop point and skinning. Clip point knives are perfect for the occasional hunter, while the drop point blades are ideal for the professional hunter. Skinning blades are mainly designed for skinning animals. There are blades with serrated edges, which are ideal for dealing with tough meats.

You should also pay attention to the handle of the knife. The traditional style knife handles are made of wood, bone or metal. The handle should be made of durable material and should also have an ergonomic design. No matter how great the blade is, you will struggle to achieve efficient results if the handles are not convenient.