Top Reasons Why Women Should Learn Swimming


Swimming is often regarded as a fun activity to do. However, it is a very good workout puts the major muscle groups of your body through an intense workout without causing too much strain. When a woman grows older, she experiences different changes that her body goes through. It is essential to keep the body and the muscles moving to ensure that the muscles do not degenerate from lack of movement. Since most pools are maintained using equipment like dolphin pool cleaner, you need not worry about algae buildup or bacteria growth anymore. According to the health experts at, every woman can benefit from learning to swim as soon as she crosses her 30s. After all, it is a great way to stay in shape as well.

Here are some of the top reasons why you need to add swimming to your daily routines as soon as possible:

· Doubles As Cardio & Strength Training
Going to the gym on a daily basis can get a bit boring after a while. However, a swim session will help you get the benefits of both, a cardio session as well as a strength training session in half the time. Since water is around eight hundred times denser than air, your muscles have to go through constant resistance, making the workout even more intense. So say goodbye to deciding whether it is a cardio day or strength training day at your local gym from now on.

· Easy Impact
When women grow older, they often tend to have trouble with their knee joints. Swimming is a low impact activity, making it an excellent choice for older women. It is also chosen by injured athletes as a way to stay in shape without causing more injury to their joints. Swimming is even recommended by medical professionals as a better way to get well soon than resting in bed after an injury.

· Good For Your Lungs
While you are swimming, your face is often under water, causing your body to learn how to adapt to the oxygen shortage. This helps your lungs to take in more oxygen during each breath and expel more carbon dioxide as well. The tidal volume in swimmers is also found to be more than people who do not swim regularly.

· Become A Better Runner
If you start panting easily within a few seconds of running, it’s time to improve your stamina. Since swimming improves the capacity of your lungs, you will find it easier run for a longer time without getting exhausted. Women all over the world are finding a new lease of life after they cross 40. You can also joint hem by swimming and improving your breathing capacity and even participating in marathons eventually.

· Easy To Learn
Swimming is an easy to learn activity. If you are feeling down in the dumps and looking for something new to feel rejuvenated, swimming is the solution. Take a few classes at the local swimming pool and you will find yourself feeling refreshed and like a whole new person. According to the women who take up swimming after they have crossed their forties; it helps them feel young and full of life all over again. So pick out a great swimming costume and get ready to learn swimming.