Understanding The Significance Of Exposed Aggregate

exposed aggregate

There are many uses of exposed aggregate concrete. It is used on the driveway, patio and sidewalks. The concrete surface comes in both smooth and textured format. Apart from the aesthetic value, there are other benefits including functionality. Keep in mind the aggregate concrete as your first preference when you plan a house renovation. Walker Civil exposed aggregate Perth services offers special class concrete to match the homeowner’s needs. Tips are available on doityourself.com on repairs and home improvements. It offers a practical solution and adds elegance to the driveway.

Natural and low maintenance
The aggregate concrete can transform your driveways stylish and appealing. It is attractive looking and comes with less maintenance woes. Periodical cleaning can leave it in great shape. It protects the driveway from weed and moss invasion. The aggregate concrete is also used on the walls as it has insulating properties. It is a great addition to the exterior wall making a great decorative piece.

High durability
The durability level and the structural integrity is similar to that of conventional concrete. It is designed to withstand weathering challenges and also does not heave or sink. It is perfect for heavy traffic and hence is the best material to be used on driveways, parking areas and garages.

Safety walkways
The aggregate concrete is slip resistant therefore making it an ideal addition to the walkways. The rough surface offers perfect traction in comparison with other surfaces. It does not offer smooth finish to the driveways. It is also ideal for children play area due to its anti-slip attribute.

The aggregate surface can be personalized to meet the needs of the homeowner. The design can be modified to be bold or subtle based on the individual taste. There are varieties of textures and colors available to suit your taste.

Aesthetic value
The aggregate concrete is available in a host of colors and can add a decorative appeal to the property. The colors are extensive and can match the exteriors of your home. It is versatile and gives you the flexibility to add other decorative stones like limestone, quartz, basalts and granite. To the aggregate concrete recycled colored glass can also be added to create a glitz to the flooring. Apart from these there are other materials that can be added to the concrete to get the desired effect. Many driveways in Perth are created using exposed aggregate concrete and the results are amazing. Get that aesthetic touch with exposed aggregate concrete and improve the skid resistance property. Depending on the scale of the project the exposures can be chosen. It actually means only the top of the concrete is revealed while the rest remains under the concrete. There are three methods to achieve the best effect of the exposed aggregate concrete. These are Sandblasting hardened concrete, Chemical based surface retarder and Wash and brush method. With right tools and techniques it is easier to get the best results possible. The last method is the simplest among the three where water is sprayed and the excess mortar is scrubbed by a broom.